nutrition coaching

Want to change your eating habits, but not sure where to begin?
Let us take that off your plate. Our nutrition coaches can guide you towards your wellness goals.

Virgin Active Nutrition Coach with member
Kauai food at Virgin Active

We know that every body is different, so we only offer tailored solutions.

keep it personal

  • 1-1 nutrition coaching tailored to your goals
  • Understand nutrients and maintain a healthy diet and balanced diet
  • Delivered by Virgin Active nutrition qualified Personal Trainers
  • Monitor your progress and achieve positive behavioural changes

start your nutrition journey

Get started by booking your 45-minute taster session.
This includes a consultation with one of our expert coaches.

Virgin Active Nutrition Coaching

Learn about food nutrition, nutrition meaning and nutrition facts

begin learning today

Are you a foodie? Or maybe you’re just interested in learning more about what to eat.
Do you know the difference between wholefoods and processed foods?


Kauai is the brand new health food café launching in our clubs. They offer delicious and nutritious food to boost your fitness journey.

keep it personal

Looking for 1-1 support for your fitness? We've got you covered. Our expert Personal Trainers can guide you on the gym floor, in the pool or in the studio to find new motivation and work towards your goals.

looking for nutrition courses?

At the Virgin Active Academy we offer a certificate in Advanced Nutrition Essentials for Fitness & Leisure. Become a certified nutrition coach so you can work with your own clients and share your knowledge.

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