reformer dynamic

If you are a regular class-goer and know how to use the equipment, this is the class that will push your skills a little further. Don't forget to bring your grip socks!


Functional movement · Wellbeing · Balance

You'll need

Grip Socks, Towel, Water Bottle


45 Minutes

Duration - opt 1

What is reformer dynamic?

Our Reformer Dynamic class helps to develop strength, stability and stamina in your full body especially your core muscles. Building a strong core helps support the spine, reduce the risk of injury and can relive lower back pain. Carry the benefits and principles from Mat Pilates into a Reformer bed as your main equipment.

Why do reformer dynamic?

In Reformer Dynamic you’ll gain new skills, build strength and get a fantastic workout. If you’re just starting with Reformer Pilates, you might want to try our Reformer One class first. Don't forget your grip socks!

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